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Welcome to Xportius! Our Return and Refund Policy outlines the guidelines for returns, refunds, and disputes on our platform.

1. Returns and Refunds

Xportius facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. Our return and refund policy is designed to protect both parties. Please note that Xportius is a platform, and while we facilitate transactions, we are not the direct seller of products. Each vendor on our platform may have their own return and refund policies.

2. Vendor Responsibility: Vendors on Xportius are solely responsible for their products and any related returns or refunds. As a buyer, please carefully review the vendor’s return and refund policy before making a purchase. Contact the vendor directly for information on their specific policies.

3. Disputes and Communication: In the event of a dispute or if you are dissatisfied with a product, we encourage buyers to communicate directly with the vendor to resolve the issue. Xportius is not responsible for the quality, condition, or any issues related to the products sold on our platform.

4. Platform Neutrality: Xportius acts as a neutral platform and is not a party to the transactions between buyers and sellers. We do not assume responsibility for the quality of products, shipping, or any disputes that may arise.

5. Refund Eligibility: Refund eligibility is determined by the individual vendor’s policies. Buyers should refer to the specific vendor’s refund policy to understand the conditions under which a refund may be issued.

6. Reporting Issues: If you encounter any challenges in resolving a dispute with a vendor, please contact us, and we will do our best to facilitate communication between the parties. However, please be aware that Xportius is not liable for the outcome of these disputes.

7. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation policies vary among vendors. Buyers should review the cancellation policy provided by the vendor before making a purchase.

8. Changes to Policies: Vendors may update their return and refund policies. It is the buyer’s responsibility to review the vendor’s policies before making a purchase.

9. Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns about a return, refund, or dispute, please contact the vendor directly. Xportius is not responsible for facilitating individual transactions.

Thank you for choosing Xportius. We appreciate your understanding of our platform’s role in facilitating transactions, and we encourage open communication between buyers and vendors for a positive shopping experience.

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